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    Chairman Speech
    The sea horizon, Ebb Tide, in this era of entrepreneurial passion, Small work also broad. We grasp the pulse of the times, with innovative peer, and cultural counterparts, study and learn from the process of the development of world-class companies, competition and cooperation in the rapid development and growth. Despite this growth process will be accompanied by some pain, but as long as we keep a clear head, give full play to the comparative advantage, and take the initiative to find the correct position in the global division of labor, and will continue to move towards higher goals!
    Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance, competition only cite only on the stage of the globalization of the world economy. Open-minded with the world, with perfect synchronization to the sea broad sentiment rivers satisfied but never too thin stream, extensive have should be those who can afford, instead, should be redundant, Yongzhe. Established sea ambitious goal, we will strive to become a world-class enterprise "create a world-class brand, leading the World Stationery trend", extensive
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