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    Talent Strategy: In order to constantly practice the idea, we are always looking for talents. If you want to build the future with us, provide your resume to join us now.
    Core Concept: Human resources are the most valuable resources in Suqian Guangbo Industry as well as the foundation of the Company’s survival and development. Sticking to the employing concept of “talents foremost”, the Company builds a learning organization. It’s the relentless pursuits of Suqian Guangbo Industrial Co., LTD to found a talent strategy of the synchronous development between employees and the Company.
    Core Orientation: In order to retain talents with career, the Company sticks to the employing principle of giving full scope to each talent to create a platform of fair competition and development space for realizing their value for their growth; in order to retain talents with treatment, the Company carries out different assignment modes in accordance with features of different positions to offer corresponding salaries and welfare benefits to different talents; in order to retain talents with culture, the Company inherits and carries forward the Guangbo culture to create a good cultural atmosphere, continuously strengthening internal appetency and cohesion.
    Talent Concept: Those who are competent for their jobs are talents; those who are of pioneering innovation are outstanding talents.

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