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    The nickel powder of MLCC entered the Japanese market, which attracted the attention of professional journals in Japan
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    Guangxin, Ningbo, China. Nickel powder for MLCC enters Japanese market. In January this year, the company established a Japanese legal person (Tokyo Japan Bridge) to sell various kinds of nickel based metal micro powders for the electronic industry for MLCC internal electrodes in Japan. Nickel powder for MLCC, JEF, Dongbang and Zhaorong chemical are available. Now Japan is at the world's leading level in terms of quantity and quality, and has an overwhelming market in large MLCC enterprises such as Murata production institute, TDK and solar induced electricity, But with the company's new entry, domestic competition is expected to be more intense in the future.

    Guangxin, Ningbo, China, is mainly engaged in nickel powder, copper powder, silver powder and other micro powder business. Technically, he is good at PVD nickel powder. Compared with CVD method, PVD method has lower chlorine content and better quality, higher sintering temperature than CVD method, and better ceramic phase with MLCC composition. According to the characteristics of the preparation method, spherical homogeneous micro powder can be obtained. The company can also provide ultra-fine powder of less than 100 nm by PVD method.

    It is also reported that the company has accepted the order of Samsung nickel powder in South Korea, and its technical level has been highly appraised. In addition to Japan, it also exports to Taiwan and the United States, and its supply performance to MLCC is good. In the future, it will promote the recognition of Murata production institute, TDK, solar induced electricity, etc., and plan to actively carry out its business in Japan.

    From ¡°Metal Review¡± in Japan

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