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    Zhao Shan, member of the standing committee of the district committee and head of the united front work
    °l²¼•rég£º2020-2-27 üc“ô´Î”µ£º579

    On the morning of February 26, Zhao Shan, member of the standing committee of the district committee and head of the united front work, and his party went to boqian new materials to carry out the investigation on enterprise production and epidemic prevention assistance during the epidemic prevention period. Relevant leaders of our company accompanied and reported the company's operation.

    Zhao Shan and his party had a detailed understanding of the resumption work of the enterprise, and hoped that the enterprise would seriously compare the requirements of resumption work, strictly implement various prevention and control measures, and ensure the health and life safety of employees.

    At the subsequent symposium, Zhao Shan and his party listened to the report of our company's resumption work and the progress of new projects, and emphasized that Suyu District and relevant departments would carry out the activity of "five groups and five deliveries" according to the enterprise situation, study and sort out various preferential policies of the central government, the province and the city, actively help the enterprise to undertake the work, and promote the implementation of policies, help enterprises to resume production and operation, so that enterprises really enjoy the policy dividend. It is necessary to further strengthen the assistance service, accurately understand the actual situation of each enterprise, timely help to solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the enterprise in the resumption of work, such as epidemic prevention and control, transportation, material security, and safety production, so as to ensure that the enterprise can resume work safely and orderly.

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