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    Boqian new material grasps on both epidemic prevention and production
    °l²¼•rég£º2020-2-17 üc“ô´Î”µ£º588

    Recently, Jiangsu Boqian new materials Co., Ltd. earnestly implemented the relevant documents of Suqian City on epidemic prevention, and timely arranged and deployed the current situation of epidemic prevention and safety in production.

    In late January, after the report of the high tech Zone, the company started to arrange the continuous production during the Spring Festival while establishing a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, formulated a scientific and thorough prevention and control mechanism, emergency response plan and production plan, and made a solid job in epidemic prevention and control publicity, personnel prevention and detection management and protection, and environmental disinfection. Carefully carry out regular disinfection for many times every day in the plant area and distribute protective articles as required.

    All employees of the company resolutely implement the requirements of relevant epidemic prevention work, resolutely obey the overall situation, based on the post, and contribute their own strength to epidemic prevention and control and the company's annual goal in an extraordinary period.

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