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    The first network security drill of Boqian new material
    °l²¼•rég£º2019-11-16 üc“ô´Î”µ£º436

    In the morning of November 6, 2019, in the report hall on the first floor of Boqian new material office building, relevant staff from the informatization promotion office of the municipal bureau of industry and information technology, Boqian new material company, provincial information security evaluation center and so on jointly held Suqian "network security emergency drill" activity.

    This drill is mainly designed for Suqian industrial control network security emergency plan. Mainly drill the process of emergency response work carried out by the enterprise and the competent department of network security of the industry after the level IV network security event happened in the industrial enterprise. The subject of the drill is the blackmail virus event against the quality data server.

    Before the drill, Boqian new material information center, with the assistance of the provincial information security evaluation center, made a thorough and detailed preparation, formulated a detailed drill plan and process, defined the operation items of each part, and formed an organization and process for dealing with network security incidents.

    During the drill, in the face of hackers' invasion, Boqian new material information technology center immediately reports the incident to Boqian new material principal after receiving the security incident notification, and the enterprise principal reports to the person on duty of the industry network security competent department to start the network security emergency response.

    This drill is the first network security drill activity carried out by Boqian new materials. Through the drill, the emergency handling process of network security events is sorted out and the emergency response mechanism is improved. It also familiarizes the participants with their respective responsibilities and improves the response effectiveness and handling ability to deal with sudden network security incidents.

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